Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This week's favorite: Men's Fashion

This is a question for all the girls out there who have a special someone: a boyfriend or a husband.
Do you buy clothes for him? Does he let you choose, what he wears?

In my household i am the stylist for my husband although he knows how to dress.
He lets me play from time to time.... he owns this one Boss coat which remind me of russian officers from a time long ago, and when he wears it, i am melting..
or him wearing a suit... he literally is made to do so.
Or him wearing a trench... I could go on forever, needless to say that i am over the moon in love!:D

A little of my style for him....


  1. Cool style finding! Love the preppy look. Actually I am desperately looking for a dark green dufflecoat but that's so hard to find...well well...cheers from Munich, Igor xoxo

  2. Why can't all guys dress like this??