Friday, September 30, 2011

...Et la lumière fut!!

I don't know about you but i am constantly looking for lamps and lampshades even though i do not need them necessarily.. but look at these beauties (and i must admit that ikea now has quite pretty ones)..

I found a pair similar to these at a local flea market but an other woman was faster than i was... i still regretting them...

I have a glas container just like the one in the picture below, but more on this later...

This one soon will be mine.... Kartell, i am dreaming about you for years now.. It was about time that you were mine!

These are mine:

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Revamp your Food

 A nice idea!!! Still fashionistas will be eating salad!!


EKYOG is a breton brand of ecological clothing. The name is a mixture of ecological and yoga.
The organic cotton is cultivated without synthetic chemicals or chemical fertilizers and assures a garmet that respects the skin and the environment.

I must say, as older i get, i appreciate more and more natural garmets. Although i still have synthetic clothes, i grow fonder of naturals and go back to the roots...

I own two pieces of their MétaMophose pieces and i am completely over the moon...ekyog proves that bio clothing doesn't have to be overpriced...

This versatile piece can be worn as shawl, dress and scarf;

go check out their online shop

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Revamp your Apple-logo with a Maison Binoclette sticker!!

Glasses for Your Mac:

Japanese design is one of my favorite. it is very unexpected and edgy. Just take a look at these liquid mirrors by Rikako Nagashima... amazing! It gives your interiors just that little special something... i'm in could be easily incorporated chez moi!

Here is something for the kids and their parents out there, a funny way to learn.. by Peter Bristol

An amazing bookshelf by Sebastian Errazuriz

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vive la France

Everybody loves la France... the food, the wine, les parisiennes...
Here's to them:

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday's music and last night's dinner

Spanish Chicken

This dish is one of our favorites, it is easy to prepare, all you need is quality spices and meat...
for further information, please check out the receipt:
i changed m dish a little bit: i didn't use the cherries, prunes and apricots, because i didn't have any, but next time i'll try this one.

Bon appetit!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dress the room

Holly Fulton SS 2012

via and Tapeten Agentur

When Dalì met Gala

Dalì must be one of my favorite artists of all time!

In the summer of 1929, the infamous spanish surrealist met and fell in love with a daring, russian beauty, Gala. Their love for each other was all consuming.

He employed extensive symbolyim in his work and was fascinated with the LV monogram that much so, that he created his own, personal script  called the Daligram where he includes also his SD initials and the initial of his beloved wife and muse Gala. It was the language of love and belonged only to the two of them

This was in 1960s and he cerated it from a LV leather case, which you can see here, if you take a closer look....

This was his own interpretation of monograms and especially those of the house LV.

Lancel launched now their new collection in memory of this great artist and the great love he felt for his Gala for the second time.

In the 1970, inspired by the love affair of Dalì and Gala, Lancel releases a collector's bag detailed with the motifs of Dalì's alphabet.

Today the collection consists of 20 bags.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Back in July i was in my favorite place on earth and was invited by a dear friend and talented photographer Nils to take some pictures of me.

I couldn't stop not being serious, i found it hard to try not to pose while posing. I had the same problem while making my wedding pictures... you want to look good, you want to hide your imperfections and what happens is exactly the things you show while trying to hide... i was desperate and so was my friend Nils, i think... first i told him, i couldn't let him do the session, because i was fat, my hair was growing out and, and, and... he perfectly understood... well, this is exactly kind of thing other women tell him.. he just didn't take me serious for one second!!!

These are some of the results, and i really am not that ugly as i thought i would be!! Thank you Nils, you can have me for pictures anytime i'staying in HH!!!

Pictures courtesy of Nils Rehm