Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This weeks favorite : One rebel's Yell

I have always adored James Dean... i don't think he was some kind of an extraordinary actor.
I like to think that he used to play himself.
A legendary hero with a legendary story: Live fast and die young!

Nothing else.... just Jimmy Dean <3

and the picture that used to hang on my bathroom door for years:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to: Cut cheese properly

In my last week's post i have announced you that this week i would show you how to cut the different shapes of cheese properly.

I have found a picture showing exactly what you need to do:

I had saved it somewhere on my computer, if anyone knows the source, i would be glad to credit properly.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The real life of Karl along with some Guns and Horses

Karl Lagerfeld has lunched his new line Karl a few weeks ago. This one is made for everyone- for you and me.
Now everyone has the chance to posess  a piece of Karl hanging in the closet as it is chic and affordable at the same time.

Probably this is the reason why you can see Karl, the Great in  Elle France like you have never seen him before. ..As a Normalo.

The editorial shows him, Saskia de Brauw and Caroline Brasch cooking, driving, facebooking and grocery shopping!

And as today is monday.. veuillez s'il vous plaît discover one song that i rediscovered on my iTunes and kept on repeat for the last couple of weeks...

Ellie Goulding : Guns and Horses

Happy Monday to everyone, i am wishing you a great week ahead!


Sunday, March 18, 2012


The most famous Parisian concept store Colette celebrates its 15th birthday.
Chez Colette you can find the most beautiful and the most expensive brought together.

Besides designs from Comme des Garçons, Jeremy Scott or Junya Watanabe, a kiosk with the latest fashion and design magazines and a high-tech café with more than 100 different brands of mineral waters is to be found @

150/15 is an exhibition of 150 portraits of celebrities from fashion, music, blogosphere, design and photography by Darcel Dissapoints.
Darcel is the one-eyed avatar of the illustrator Craig Redman.

The prints can be purchased for 150 € over Colette's eshop.

Jack White

Coco Chanel

André Leon Talley

Marc Jacobs

Kate Lanphear

Grace Coddington

Brian Boy

Alber Elbaz

Anna Wintour

Jeremy Scott

Anna DelloRusso

Here some pictures from the exhibition @Colette

What do you think? Are the people recognizable? I really think so. 
They have been darcelized très bien!

My fave would be Brian Boy Jeremy Scott and ADR.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Social Gran-media

That Lady just got it all right! Have you already seen it? Hilarious!

Friday, March 16, 2012

French Food Friday : The 8 categories of French Cheese

There are over 300 (some say over 1000) different kinds of cheese in France.
The French use to put them in 8 categories, as well known as les huit families de fromage.

Fromages frais or Fresh cheeses

These cheeses are white and contain a lot of water. They are usually made from cow's milk and are not aged.
Normally they are eaten separately this is why you won't see them on a cheese platter.

The most common fromages frais are Le petit Suisse and Brousse.
It is similar to ricotta and can be used as such. I love them as a spread or in Pasta sauces.

Fromages à pâte molle et à croûte fleurie or Soft cheeses with natural rind

The cheeses belonging to this category are soft cow's milk cheeses with a white, floury surface. They are aged about a month.

The most known are Brie and Camembert.
They are amazing on a piece of bread with a little fig confiture... the taste is unbeatable!

Fromages à pâte molle et à croûte lavée or Soft cheeses with washed rind

These cheeses are as well made of cow's milk but during the aging process they are being washed. This prevents the formation of surface molds.

The most famous cheese belonging to this category is Epoisses (featured here) but also Munster and Reblochon.

Epoisses is one of my absolutely favorite cheeses... With a nice glass of Red.... there is nothing better.
It really stinks but the French say, the more they stink, the better they are. And this really is true!

Fromages à pâte pressée or Pressed Cheeses

These cheeses are submitted to pressure which drains it's moisture. Afterwards the cheeses are placed in carefully controlled conditions and aged several months.
During the aging there are washed, brushed and turned so that the rind forms in an uniform fashion.

Two very popular varieties are Cantal and Ossau-Iraty.

Fromages à pâte pressée et cuite or Pressed and Cooked Cheese

Before being pressed, the curd is heated for an hour. The cheeses are formed in large cylinders and are ripened for a long time.

My favorite cheese varieties belonging to this group are Comté, Beaufort or Gruyère which is similar to Comté but not quite the same.

Fromage de chèvre or Goat Cheese

One could easily fit the goat cheeses in other categories but the French have so many different kinds of them, that they have given them their own family.

The most popular ones are Crottin de Chavignol, Pouligny Saint-Pierre and Selles-sur-Cher.

Fromages à pâte persillées or Blue Cheeses

Rochefort is the most famous cheese from this category. It is made from sheep's milk and has a really strong flavor and smell. It is crumbly but melts smooth in the mouth.
I can't take more than one little bite.

Bleu cheeses are ripened a long time in dark and humid mountain caves.
Some of the other well known varieties are: Bleu de Bresse or Fourme d'Ambert.

Fromages à pâte fondue or Processed cheeses

These types of French cheese are made from other cheeses blended together. You will rarly find one of those on your cheese platter. They are usually sold in small portions and can be flavored with herbs, pepper or garlic.
The French are used to spread them or eat them as appetizers.

Boursin is one well known example.

The cheese course is typically consumed after the main course. It is served as near to its original form (pyramid, wheel, slab) as possible to preserve its integrity along with bread and wine.

You don't have to serve 8 different cheeses at once. Try up to 4 varieties from different families.
Serve the cheese along with grapes,apples or figs, nuts and confiture/honey on a nice platter.
Make it fancy, enjoy eating!
Eat your cheese on its own and use the bread as a palate cleanser.

Keep your cheese unpacked and at room temperature prior to eating. The order of eating should be from stinky/strong to mild/soft.

Next week i will show you how to properly cut your cheese... there are utensils to do so... so stay tuned!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Discover Dijon: Hidden Places

In the city center of Dijon you can find beautiful architecture.
But sometimes you just have to go and look what is behind those facades....

Gerard Depardieu shot his movie Cyrano de Bergerac here...

Take a look...