Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Yesterday we had something to celebrate!! So i took a chance and went to le Coiffeur!
Just a new chocolate-y color and some locks!!

and DINNER!! With a Glas of my favorite red: Brouilly

unfortunately, i was so hungry i just could' t wait to take a picture once the dish was cooked..

Please go over here  marthastewart to see what i've tried out!
the dish is just delicious as all the juices caramelize.. amazing piece of summer now that the summer is almost gone!!

please try it out, it is easily prepared and my guests loved it every single time i made it!!!



Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sans Vis-à-Vis

View from our balcony hier soir!!

I am working on something i will hopefully be able to show you later today!!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Lanvin Fall 11

A  funny new Campaign Movie with Caren Elson, Raquel Zimmermann and le Maître Elbas dancing!!!

Watch out!!

Musique du Jour!!

Bonjour, mes chers amis!!

Let's kick off a new week with some music!!

Clare Maguire : Ain't Nobody....(and no, it's not a Chakka Khan cover :°)


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Entrez, S'il vous plaît!!

Since we (my husband of one year and i) have moved into our new apartment a month ago, i am constantly looking for inspiration for decoration.

But first things first!!

The Entrance!!
As mine is still unrepresentable you will have to content  yourself with my inspiration board!! I hope i soon will be able to show you my hallway.

Here we go!

excuse the bleary image - i am still dealing with my old iPhone :)

 an old favorite of mine:



First post!!
Welcome to my blog!
My name is Martina and i am living in France for 3 years now. And just like the french women, i have decided to be awesome whatever i do!!
Please join me on my journey through Fashion, Cuisine, Lifestyle, Art and Travel!!!