Saturday, September 24, 2011


Back in July i was in my favorite place on earth and was invited by a dear friend and talented photographer Nils to take some pictures of me.

I couldn't stop not being serious, i found it hard to try not to pose while posing. I had the same problem while making my wedding pictures... you want to look good, you want to hide your imperfections and what happens is exactly the things you show while trying to hide... i was desperate and so was my friend Nils, i think... first i told him, i couldn't let him do the session, because i was fat, my hair was growing out and, and, and... he perfectly understood... well, this is exactly kind of thing other women tell him.. he just didn't take me serious for one second!!!

These are some of the results, and i really am not that ugly as i thought i would be!! Thank you Nils, you can have me for pictures anytime i'staying in HH!!!

Pictures courtesy of Nils Rehm


  1. Awh, these look truly beautiful!!!
    Happy Weekend, Martina!!!

    Liebe Grüße!!

  2. How could you ever think you would be looking ugly in these photo's?! You look gorgeous!