Friday, September 16, 2011

Flowers remind us of people who care...

Flowers... is there anybody on the planet that doesn't love them? I myself couldn't have enough of orchids...unfortunately i can't keep them alive... it probably has something to do with the way they have been cultivated.

You should always look for  wild grown orchids which haven't been fed with antibiotics, because once you bring them home with you they will die as they are used to their maintenance dose of antibiotics; This is sad but true, or how else do you think the grower outside the tropical areas can keep them growing or you finding them at a cheap price?

Green and white Flowers

There is nothing more elegant than a nicely arranged bouquet of green and white flowers....Even my Wedding Bouquet featured them. J'adore!!!! Just give me tulips, hydrangea,  lisiantus, green chrysanthemum and i am happy!!!

But i'll have to say that my all time favorite flowers will be ranunculus, peonies and anemones.

This bouquet of Fleur de Lys was given to me by my Husband last year for my Birthday

And this one is from the colleagues at the Agency in Hamburg where i used to be a trainee this summer. I love you guys, thanks for the great time...(I know you are secretly reading :))

And there are all kinds of outdoor-flowers, the wilder the better as far as i am concerned!!!

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