Thursday, January 26, 2012

Discover Dijon: Fabrice Gillotte

Fabrice Gillotte is Dijon's most famous chocolatier. He is even one of 12 best ones in France.
You can find his shop in the city centre of Dijon, as well as in Tokyo.

In my opinion  his maccarons are better than the ones Ladurée makes. I know, everyone knows Ladurée or Pierre Hermé, but you know how this works when you turn on the marketing machinery...

Every time i visit his shop i use to have his famous ganache à la bergamote...there really is nothing better.

For every season he offers a new selection. For example, for easter he offers huge eggs filled with pralinées or for the rugby championships he made rugby-balls, and players entirely made of chocolate. He really is a craftsmen, every thing he makes is just fantastic.

I used to live in Germany and my husband in France. We kept our relationship on a distance for about 2 years. Ever now and then he used to send me packages with small gifts and there was always a boîte de Gillotte filled with different pralinées and ganaches. 

I admit, this is how he seduced me... he found out about my sweet tooth...

Valentine's Hearts my husband bought me:

Gilottes newest creation.... sweet bears:

If you don't have the chance to visit one of his shops, go visit his site and order online.

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