Sunday, November 6, 2011

La Gastronomie Française

The annual Gastronomic Fair started here in Dijon several days ago.
Of course i went to capture the feeling for you...

Wherever i turned there were delicious french products from sausages, wine, champagne, snails and yes lots of cheese....

At every step you could taste anything!!! I try to go every year to see what the partner countries have to offer.
This year  Île Maurice was presenting its products and délices:

And these were some of  the products presented by the frenchies...

And this was my dinner

Delicious chèvre on german bread with figue jam!!


  1. Good Morning Martina!

    mmhh... lecker :=)
    some yummy cheese, bread and wine ....!!!!!

  2. mmmm...all looks so delicious:!!!
    Now I want something to eat:))
    Great event and great pictures
    Have a fabulous Sunday,dear:)
    Fashion tea at 5