Saturday, November 5, 2011


I am still working on my dining room and it seems as if we finally have found our sideboard to storage all the dinnerware, glasses and silver (although it will be delivered mid february...) It is slowly coming together...
Today i would like to show you different pictures including the same item: a green glass container....

And this was my attempt to work with the container. Never mind the white walls, we still haven't finished decorating, there is not a single picture on the walls yet.... But i have to admit, after 4 years in an apartment with colored walls (i mean all kinds of colors and painting techniques), all white is quite revealing!!!

An this is my black painted wooden table... i am still not satisfied, it has a nice glossy color but every single object placed on the surface leaves traces... i am desperate, where did i go wrong??
I worked with quality paint and sanding paper and is not quite as i wished...

Have i ever told you, how much i love orchids??

Have a wonderful Weekend!!!

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