Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This week's favorite...

I am kicking of a new weekly series... Today i am posting this weeks favorite photographer.

Mosieur Robert Doisneau...
Along with Henri-Cartier Bresson he was a pioneer of photojournalism in France. His pictures speak a different language.. They are modest, playful and often ironic images of amusing juxtapositions. in 1950 he created the most recognizable work for Life magazine-Le baser de l'hôtel de ville, which became an international symbol of young love in Paris... the couple's identity remained a secret until 1992.

I am always inspired by his photographs, they give me shivers... There is a crisp mood into them just like the early morning fog by the waterside... mesmerizing!


  1. How much do I love your photos in b/w, dear Martina!!!
    My fav is the one with the Tour Eiffel and the "swim scene".
    Happy wednesday, liebe Grüße!!!!

  2. I LOVE his work! I actually have that first one framed in my home :) My other favorite of his is the one of all the little school boys running in front of the Eiffel Tower.

  3. Thanx girls <3

    @martina liebe grüsse zurück!!! ich liebe deine parisphotodiary, aber das schreibe ich dir auf deinem blog:*

    @Jessica yes, they are amazing, i think that too... actually the children are a periodic theme in his works... i wanted to post more, but then i would have a post like 2 pages long!!! Greetings from France!!