Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Fashionary is a sketchbook, created by Penter Yin in 2009 in order to help the brainstorming and sketching process of fashion designers. The name is actually the program : it comes form Fashion+Dictionary+Diary= Fashionary!

The sketchbook contains a fashion dictionary and figure templates as well as measurement tools, seams and stitches and body measurements, laundry labels, and fabric dictionary -
 shortly everything a fashion designer needs to know and have handy.
In 2009 i was sketching like crazy, because i couldn't find the clothes i wanted to wear. I  kept sort of a diary of inspiration with collages and cut-outs.
If only i knew what i know now....

You can purchase your Fashionary over the official site for about 24 $. unleash the fashion designer in you and start sketching!

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