Monday, July 2, 2012

Ancient Greek Sandals

Every year we search for the perfect summer sandal - that is simple to wear, comfortable but has that special something!
I think i have forever find mine: Ancient Greek Sandals.
Handmade in beautiful leather which ages well and gets buttery with each wear.

The idea of producing the sandals in ancient greek style goes back to an ancient greek myth:
The Gods and Goddesses used to order their sandals on the island of Crete, from a gifted sandal maker who enriched each pair with magical powers.

You can choose between Classics:

and Originals:

These are my choice: 

Ikaria (in platinum) any time!!
For the Hermes in me.

It is not Red Bull that gives you wings to fly, it is Ancient Greek Sandals!!

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  1. Wo gibt es die und kann man sie bestellen? Werden diese tollen Sandaletten
    vielleicht sogar in Größe 45 angefertigt?