Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Food and Movies

Food and movies go together, that's a fact!
Tomorrow is Valentines Day and a lots of people consider a perfect date to be having a dinner and then going to the movies.

 Food is one of the central themes in life and movies narrate stories about it, so i decided to show you my TOP 1 Movie with/about Food.

My all time favorite movie about food is actually a movie about  love...

Like water for chocolate

The storyline takes place in Mexico during the mexican revolution.
It is a love story between Pedro and Tita who are forbidden to marry each other.
Instead, Tita's mother Elena forces Pedro to marry Tita's older sister, which obviously breaks Tita's heart.

To add insult to injury, Tita's mother forces her to prepare the wedding meal and the cake.
Heartbroken she cries over the cake batter and when the wedding guest eat it, everyone starts to cry for a lost love.

This is where Tita becomes conscious about her power to seduce people around her with her cuisine.
And it remains the only way she and Pedro can continue loving each other without being untrue.

Great story, great feelings, a lot of sensuality and symbolism as well as metaphors mixed with a cuisine to die for. Go and see for yourself!

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