Monday, December 31, 2012

The next big thing: The CC Cream by Chanel

CC CREAM - CC霜 保湿隔离修饰乳 SPF30/PA+++

In the beginning of 2013 Chanel is going to launch its CC Cream for Europe. (this one has been working quite well on the Asian market for months now.)

Well we all know about the magic the asian BB creams do. The CC cream is basically the improved and refined BB cream...
If your head is spinning and you don't even know what a BB cream is, you must have slept the year 2012 entirely.

Blemish balm or Beauty balm war originally created in Germany and has gained over the past decade a huge popularity among the asian Beatystas for its skin-regenerating properties. In 2012 the BB cream run over the european and american markets.

While the BB cream primarily was manufactured as a skin care product, the CC cream goes further:
it retains all the skin benefits a BB cream provides while added nourishing ingredients provide more effective skin coverage.

And once again Chanel proved its status as a pioneer.
Are you curious to try this one?

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