Thursday, November 8, 2012


I fell in love with english stationery craftsmanship back in 2010 when i used to plan our wedding.
I wanted my invitations to be subtile and elegant and  found myself always liking the letter pressed or calligraphed in thick paper, the ones in black-white/silver. Unfortunately in my culture, we don't send black invitations. I opted for a silver one.

My mother is a bookbinder and she passed down on me her love of paper. While growing up, i remember her making cards, invitations and little notebooks.
This is actually something she would have done. Simple but elegant.
It would be nice to pop out your Tiffany's silver business card holder...if i had one, i would be sharing my cards with anyone.

I would go anytime with monogrammed seals and wax- so timeless!

De toute façon, in our bussy, fast going world, we kind of lost the use of handwriting letters, invitations and thank you notes...
We should go back to that, because it is far more personal and beautiful than a text message.

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  1. Could you share the sources for your images? I would like to purchase some of the items you are showing.