Thursday, June 14, 2012

Büro 24/7

Do you fashionistas out there know the russian style killer website Buro24/7 ??

It is founded by Miroslava Duma- the super glam former Harper's Bazaar Russia Editor.
The site has been ON for a year and it gains more and more importance with every article published.

I know it is written in russian and you are probably not familiar with the cyrillic script but i am so happy to announce that the website will soon have a croatian pendant.
I think some of you still might know that i am of croatian descent and i would so love to write for them...

all pictures taken from Buro24/7

 I don't know when the new site will be ON, but i know who will is going to be on board.
Rumor has it, that Duma hired two of the most famous croatian WAG'S  and Duma's BFF's - Iva Balaban and Mirela Foric. 
I am curious how this will turn out....


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