Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fashionable IPhone Cases

Since we girls are re-vamping anything, when it comes to iPhone cases there is no difference. 
We like to dress our best, it is only natural that our Phone does, too, right??

As CoCo once said: Fashion is in the sky, in the streets and has to do with the ideas and the way we live.

My pics are all around $ 35, which one would you pic??

and the buzz of the moment:
Chanel Le Vernis inspired cases every girl i know goes crazy about... even those who don't have iPhones, want to buy ones.. Crazzzyyy

btw. blue satin would be my shade..


  1. These are excellent fashion iphone cases. I like all of them especially the one which is printed with the perfum theme. Really nice and keep up the good work. Thanks

    1. Thx you very much. i think it is a perfect accessory which can reflect your taste and personality.