Saturday, February 9, 2013

Be my Valentine

The day of love and lovers is approaching.
How do you look at the Valentines Day? Is it  encore plus a day to celebrate love? Or just a commercial trap made by florists and candy makers to make you spend even more of your money?
Do you gift your beloved ones big time  just show that you care with a simple gesture?

My all time favorite Valentine gifts must have been a week end trip to Paris, a city where my hubs and i fell in love almost 7 years ago.

The funnies one was the Singstar video game and micros... Normally we use to sing loudly in the shower, with neighbors complaining.
He once said to me Love is music and we are black and white notes...i'll never forget that. We're the perfect match.

If you don't have the time to go on a short trip, there are still lots of ideas for Valentine Day's gift that you could consider:

Chocolate Body painting set... we actually tried this one!!

 and for those who will stay alone this time:
never loose the faith...

For all the lovers out there:


  1. I totally think its a commercial trap but I definitely love all the pink and red that pops up everywhere during this time. And despite my hesistation to celebrate it (because I think every day should be filled with a celebration of love) I still like to at least make a special dinner. We don't have to dress up, just eat yummy food haha

    1. i totally agree with you, but i love to be spoiled though... :D
      Happy sunday to you dear Karen!!

  2. Those Love shelves are amazing! Great V. Day inspired images.


    1. thank you!!! those selves are by Richard Mollon (should have written that in the post)

      Thx for stoping by!!

      Happy sunday to you!

  3. I don't celebrate Valentine's day but I wouldn't mind if someone would give me that ring with a message! Such a cool idea!

    Great post! Love all the things you put here :)


    1. merci...
      we should give your boyfriend a hint... :D